Thursday, 18 July 2013

VGM Acapella Volume 2 by Smooth McGroove: A Lost in the Music Review

Sorry for the rather short update today

He's back and better then ever.

Smooth McGroove has released his second album; Smooth McGroove Vol 2. While I won't award him points for title originality, I still will applaud the work he has done. In the short time since his last album, McGroove has clearly improved his craft.

One thing I should mention is how I appreciate McGroove deciding to add tracks that is normally not covered by artists. While there are the Final Fantasy, Mario and Chrono Trigger tracks, he also covered tracks from Super Metroid, Touhou and Phoenix Wright. I am glad he is branching out to other games and I do hope that he continues this trend and starts covering songs from other games. I personally would love to see some tracks from Final Fantasy: Tactics (not the Advance series), the Soul Blazer Trilogy or perhaps even Disgaea.

You would think that Smooth McGroove's acapella cover of Corridors of Time would be my favourite track and while it is a good tune, the one that resonates with me the most is his rendition of Rainbow Road from the original Super Mario Kart. When I was younger, both my brother and I would avoid that course as we were extremely competitive and usually racing on that course resulted in us getting into a fight. So to avoid us getting into fights and in turn losing the Super Nintendo, my brother and I stopped racing on that one course.

Yet still, that track and its theme, like many good songs, have stuck with me over the years and hearing the song remade over the years is a real treat. However Smooth McGroove's version of the track takes me back to the original song. As good as remade songs can get, there are times when one prefers the original track.

So should you grab Smooth McGroove Vol. 2? The answer is a resounding yes. The man is incredibly talented and by buying his music, you would be supporting his work. It is well worth the $9.00, especially if you are a fan of Video Game Music and/or Acapella.

You can find Smooth McGroove Vol. 2 at Bandcamp.

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

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