Monday, 22 July 2013

The Under-Represented Volume 1

There are songs and games that get attention. On OCReMix, the music from Final Fantasy (especially Final Fantasy 6) are the most covered with Chrono Trigger coming in second place. The Megaman series has not one, but two bands dedicated to the blue bomber as well as two Nerdcore hiphop albums. Don't get me wrong I am glad these series get attention, but what about the other series. Games like the Mana series, the Soul Blazer Trilogy (Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma) and the Dragon Quest series.

I am not innocent in this as well as I usually gravitate towards songs that are from more well known games, although I have been trying to remedy that. So today I am listing my top 5 series that needs more musical love.

5: Castlevania

As I said in my Megabeardo: Belmont review, I am not familiar with the Castlevania series seeing as I never grew up with it. However I cannot deny that the music in the series is pretty good. The early NES era music was able to invoke the feeling of the classic horror movies through the primitive sound card.

Now I am aware that there a couple of albums dedicated to Castlevania, yet despite that, the music still seems to be ignored. I would love to see more performers take on the bloody history of Castlevania.

4: Harvest Moon Series

I enjoy the Harvest Moon series. While to some it can be mind numbingly boring, I find it is perfect for those days you just want to relax and play simplistic games. Harvest Moon is a series that is perfect for those early morning moments where you are awake and don't want to get out of bed.

The music from the Harvest Moon series has a very tranquil, back to nature feeling. Given that in Harvest Moon you do not only farm. but forage in the nearby mountain for building materials and wild berries and fish at the nearby streams and oceans. Personally I would love to see The Altered Beasts take on any of the Harvest moon tracks. Their album Transfiguation proves that they have the talent to pull it off.

3: SaGa Series (Game Boy only)

Before I begin I should note that I am not familiar with the other games in the SaGa franchise. The only games of the series I have played are from the Game Boy when they were called the Final Fantasy Legend series. However for this list, I will be referring to them as their original titles.

From my experience, the SaGa games for the Game Boy have wonderful soundtracks. While the Game Boy had a more primitive sound chip, it was still capable of producing memorable music and the SaGa series is one of the many prime examples/

Like many good RPG's, the music from the SaGa series has a wide variety of music and given the artistic talents of the people online, I would love to hear there take on the music.

2: Disgaea Series

Disgaea is one of the craziest, most bizarre series of games I have ever played. In between the 4th wall breaking humour, clueless angels and smartass demons lies one of the more unique soundtracks I have ever listened to. It is incredibly difficult to pinpoint exactly what genre the music from Disgaea is. At one part it could be a slow and melodic piece and the next song could be a high energy techno J-Pop track. The soundtrack is incredibly random and I love it.

So why do I want to see remakes of these songs? To see what sort of craziness that the remix community can come up with. I want hear what artists such as Katethegreat19 and Dragon Avenger can do with the mournful track of Red Moon. Or what the crew over at Game Chops can do with the dynamic sounding Witch Hunting.

As much as people love Disgaea, there is sadly not much in the ways of fan music which is sad because there are good songs on the album.

1: Soul Blazer Trilogy:

These games are criminally underrepresented. The three games in this trilogy, in my opinion, represent the pinnacle of story telling on the Super Nintendo. Despite the colourful graphics, the stories are incredibly dark and depressing. Over the three games they deal with the topics of suicide, domestic abuse, as well as cannibalism. Very few games at the time would approach such subjects.

Like the games story, the music is quite grim and sad with very few uplifting moments. Given the creativity of people, I am surprised that there are very few, if any remixes of the music. I find when I come across a song remake, I go out of my way to find the original version of the song so I can experience it.

The entire trilogy needs far more love then it gets. The stories were original with tight controls and unique gameplay. I would love see these games ported over to the Wii U or 3DS so a new generation of gamers can experience the series.

There are countless other games and series out there that I have not mentioned, but these are just a few of the many. There is a much wider world other then Final Fantasy and Super Mario. If there is none, then be a pioneer and make your own.

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

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