Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Of Balance and Ruin by OCReMix ~ A Multi Part Review Part 2

Today on Lost in the Music, I am taking a look at disk 2 of the latest OCReMix album Of Balance and Ruin.

Disk 2 of OCReMix's latest album is a blast. Each of the songs featured here are a wonderful treat and I cannot get enough of the music. I love the variety of genre's and the artist who worked on the songs. From Gau's rather empathetic and morose theme by newcomer bustatunez to Level 99's acoustic rendition of Coin Song, all songs featured hear have pushed the contributing artists to their limits and in doing so, they have put out some of their best work.

In my own opinion, the best song on this disk has to The Impresario by Jake Kaufman (of Double Dragon Neon and Mighty Switch Force) and Tommy Pedrini. Both artists not only perform the music, they also sing the new lyrics that they wrote and added to the music. As much as I loved the songs on the album The Impresario stood out to me.

When I was younger, the Opera Sequence always puzzled me. Placed in the middle of this grand story, there was this opera sequence. To this day I find the Opera scene somewhat cheesy, but remains one of my favourite parts of the game. The Impresario merely ramps up the cheesiness and turns it into a something that would make a modern rock opera group proud.

If there is anything I critique, it is the fact that The Impresario and the followup song Til We Meet Again are not simply one song. I know it was two different groups on the songs and they had their own sound, but in my opinion, I feel that the two songs would work well if it were one whole song, or at least ensured that one flowed into the other.

Much like disk 1, I had a difficult time choosing which song I preferred in Disk 2. With songs such as A Simple Flip Can Change Fate by Level 99, Train Suplex by Danny Baranowsky (of Super Meat Boy fame) and and for example, it was difficult to choose. In the end I did decide that the Repo-esque track from Kaufman and Pedrini The Impresario was the best of the 17 songs on the disk.

Once again this is not a slant against the other artists as their work was just as good, but the one that stood out to me was The Impresario. Kaufman and Pedrini did so much with the song. Not only did they add lyrics to the original piece, but they turned into an actual opera piece. Of course said Opera was more in vein with Repo with it's heavy drums and guitar rifts then the orchestral Wagner, but it was still an opera.

The songs on Disk 2 are just as good as the tracks on Disk 1. There is a nice variety of music ranging from rock opera to chiptunes, trance and techno to acoustic work. The musical genre fits each track well and like the previous disk, if you are not a fan of one kind of music, all you have to do is skip to a different song. Although I do suggest giving each song a listen. You might discover you enjoy some new genre of music.

You can find the album over at the OCReMix Of Balance and Ruin website.

Tomorrow I tackle Disk 3. What adventures await me? 

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.  

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