Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Of Balance and Ruin by OCReMix ~ A Multi Part Review

It is finally here. Yesterday (as of this writing), OCReMix's latest album finally went live. For those who had supported the Kickstarter, this was the shining moment. For several long months, we waited for the end result wondering if it would be as grand as their promo showcased. While some were patient, others were hesitant, thinking the album was going to flop, seeing how long it took to produce.

Of Balance and Ruin is a large album coming in at 74 songs and to celebrate its release I will be reviewing each disk this week with Disk 4 and 5 on Friday.

Final Fantasy VI as you know is my favourite Final Fantasy. Although I was introduced to the series with Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VI was the one I most enjoy. The characters are wonderfully varied, the colours are far more muted then the previous two SNES games and the Story is one of the darkest in the series. When i was younger and before we had internet in our place, I never understood half the things that were said or alluded to. Of course growing up I began to understand what all the lines meant and things that went over my head as a child.

So how is the album you may ask? It is an incredible album with a great mix of remixes. Some go along the lines of trance and dubstep, some are more of a classic rock variant while other tracks are more akin to a classical piano sound.

Easily the best song on the first disk of Balance and Ruin would have to be A Fistful of Nickels, the arrangement of Shadow's Theme. The team behind the track did a fantastic job making this song feel as if it was off the soundtrack to a spaghetti western. Coupled Ms Aversa's vocals, A Fistful of Nickels is truly the best song on the disk.

What makes this song the best on the disk (in my opinion) is that they turned Shadow's original theme into a song that The Man with No Name would use for his own theme. When I hear this track, I visualize Shadow standing out side some Sheriff’s office in a small town in the old west. His faithful hound at his side with a cigarrette clenched in his teeth looking at a wanted poster of some would be rustler. In other words, a Fistful of Nickels turns Shadow into John Marston from Red Dead Redemption.

Disk 1 of the album is a great start to the album. If you are not a fan Spahgetti Westerns, then Jeff Ball and Laura Intravia's trance/dubstep re-imagining of Locke's Theme might suit your style. Failing that you could listen to Mustin's jazzy take on the Mines of Narche. Even the pickiest fan will find something they like.
There are many great songs on the first disk and I enjoy them all. However it is Fistful of Nickels that might be the track that is remembered for this disk which is a shame because the other 16 songs are just as good.

If you are an OCReMix or a Final Fantasy fan, then you probably already this album. Nonetheless if you are interested, you an visit the site here to download the awesome album

Tomorrow I tackle Disk 2 of this epic 5 disk odyssey. What tracks will I encounter tomorrow.

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

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