Friday, 5 July 2013

Of Balance and Ruin by OCReMix ~ A Multi Part Review Part 3

So now we are on Disk 3 of the OCReMix magnum opus Of Balance and Ruin. We have experienced the start of something grand, the loss of loved ones, and a heart pounding grandiose opera. What awaits us on Disk 3?

Now that we are on the third disk, the more dynamic moments of the game are featured; the infiltration of Vector and into the Magitek Factory(Gesthalian Sonata by Rexy and Meggido Brigade by DJ Pretzel) heading towards the Land of the Espers (Illusionary by Sole Signal) recruitment of three unique allies (Mogstradamus by Brandon Strader, Aggressive Blue Magic by halc and Pure Essence from José the Bronx Rican), and finally the apocalypse of the world (Black Genesis by Brandon Strader and Rexy, Meditations on an Apocalypse by album director Zircon, Elegy for a Ruined World from Derek Oren and Jeremy Robson and lastly Event Horizon by Palpable and OA).

Going through the disk, the one song that stands out would have to be DDRKirby's cover of the Blackjack Theme; There's Nothing Like Flying. The song evokes the feeling of freedom by utilizing techno music with a trance underlay. About 1/3 of the way through the track, the beat picks up turning it more into a dance track. While normally this would be seen as a mistake, given the nature of the airship theme, it fits in well. Dance is a freedom of of artistic expression and when you first hear this track, you are given full control of the Blackjack for the first time, allowing you to finally explore the world and unearth ancient treasures.

Utilizing Techno and Trance music for There's Nothing Like Flying is ideal for this moment in time during the game. When you are flying, you can't help but feel happy. While there is danger on the horizon, it is not present enough for you to worry. Taking to the air allows you to feel as if you left your problem behind.

Much like the previous disks, the music has a good variety and you will find something you enjoy. I just feel that they didn't need a second version of The Blackjack and Techno de Chocobo. I don't mind the second song, I just feel that they weren't warranted. Still, if that is the only misstep on an otherwise phenomenal album, then I think the crew did a fantastic job on the album.

As always, you can find the article on the FF6: Of Balance and Ruin website.

Monday I tackle both Disk 4 and the Bonus 5th disk. Will the album go out like a lion or end in a whimper?

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

Also due to minor issues I will be finishing up the series on Monday. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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