Monday, 4 February 2013

Lost in the Music ~ Time and Space by Random aka Megaran

I often joke to myself that it seems the main person I focus on when it comes to my reviews is Megaran aka Random. It is true that I review an album from Random at least once a month, but that is only because he is a very fast producer and his work is consistent. I enjoy his work, as much as I enjoy the works of people like Zircon, the Game Chops crew and OCReMix. I review his work constantly because he puts it out at a steady rate and he keeps the production values incredibly high.

Today on Lost in the Music, things are about to get a little wibbly wobbly here as I take a dive into the fan generated album.

Going through the album, there was always one song I came back to and surprisingly it wasn't The Beat Goes On, the Chrono Trigger cover. Much to my surprise, I found myself drawn to the Final Fantasy Tactics remix, simply titled Tactics. The song sampled here is Decisive Battle, the fifth battle theme from the game. The underlying track has been arranged to fit the grim lyrics that has been added. Gone is the feeling of hopelessness that the original track seems to convey and in it's place is a grim determination. The song's protagonist is on a mission and nothing can deter him from his goal.

Listening to the song, I visualize it more of a modern world instead of the Medieval Fantasy world that is Final Fantasy Tactics. The only character from Tactics to get name dropped is Ramza and from the context, it appears he seems to be ruling his own gang of vigilantes, bringing justice when the official law enforcement can't, or won't, pursue the criminal. It is defiantly one my favourite song from the album and one of my favourite song's Random has done.

So how is the album? It's an interesting concept to say the least, taking fan suggestions and applying them to song. The tracks themselves paint the world while Random begins to narrate a story within the song. However instead of an entire album being devoted to once story, several of the songs are small stories, disconnected from one another. Some of the lyrics performed by Random aren't even associated with the song. It speaks volumes that he (Random) can, for example, take a song from Final Fantasy Tactics and write a story completely unrelated to the song he was covering.

That's what I love about Random's music. He can turn anything into a story. I wouldn't put the album as number one on my list, but it is still great to listen to. It's one of those soundtracks you play in the background while reading some comics or working on a DnD game.

You can pick up the album off of Random's Bandcamp page. If you are interested in getting your own track, contact Random at

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music. Allons-y!

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