Thursday, 31 January 2013

Lost in the Music ~ Beats from the East by k-murdock

It's late I know, but I am dealing with lousy weather lately. Hopefully next week will be more prosperous. Thanks again guys.


I have often covered Megaran aka Random's work on Lost in the Music. He is one of the more prolific Nerdcore artists out. But there are others such as MC Frontalot, the Game Chops crew, and of course Random's partner in crime k-murdock. Today I will be taking a look and listen to the Japanese inspired album Beats from the East.

As much as I love Nerdcore Rappers, I have a soft spot for those who simply do sampling and rearrangements. As much as I love the lyrics added to work (a sharp contrast to my earlier beliefs) sometimes a simple rearrangement is perfect for listening and outside of OCReMix, k-murdock is a master of the craft. Like the artists over at OCReMix, he knows how to take original compositions and add a fresh spin on it.

Beats from the East is great for background music. The music has a nice and mellow flow to it. It doesn't make you feel rushed. You just want to turn to your headphones and get lost in the flow. For times when you just want to sit back and relax, but need some music, this album is one of the best to listen to. Obviously the music is inspired from the east, but the inclusion of soft jazz pieces is a nice touch. I would almost call this soundtrack therapeutic. It's perfect when you are angry or upset and need something to calm you down. The music helps remove the stress and let your mind drift away and let you focus on something else.

The only downside to the album is that I am finding it difficult to choose a favourite off this album. All the songs are fantastic in their own ways and I feel if I choose one song over the others, I would be doing the entire album a disservice. I can honestly and proudly say this is one of the best albums I have heard in a very long time. I hope k-murdock does something similar to this again after his next set of travels. I feel that he was able to tell us more of what he experienced in Japan with the music alone then with a simple audio or video blog.

Beats from the East is an interesting idea. Instead of doing an audio or video blog like many producers are wont to do, k-murdock made an album. The music is inspired from the Land of the Rising Sun and taking eastern music samples and infusing it with western style beats makes for an interesting concept. It is defiantly enjoyable and a great song to add to your collection. The only real complaint I have with the album is that the songs don't flow into one another and the sudden shift can be jarring. I know not all albums can do that, but I feel that this album would have benefited greatly if it had done that.

If you are interested in the album, you can find it on bandcamp.

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.


I also would like to give the team over at BronyCAN a huge shout out for reaching and exceeding their goal. Hope to see you there.

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