Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Lost in the Music: Game Chops Record Label

Before I began this blog, I was very limited on my exposure to Video Game Music. I usually only paid attention to the stuff from OCReMix and the Protomen. Musically I was in a rut. However since I began, I have been exposed to far more video game music then I knew existed. I discovered the Capcom rockers The Megas, Video Game Cover Bands such as Powerglove, The One Ups and The World if Square, the Nerdcore scene populated by such artists as Random, MCFrontalot and k-murdock and the dubstep scene like DoniMusic, DJ Cutman and Mykah. I have covered many of the previous bands listed here before, but I have barely touched on the dubstep producers. So today on Lost in the Music, I will be looking at the first official album from DJ Cutman's label, Game Chops.

Now calling all of the work on the Game Chops label Dubstep is a bit of misnomer. There are several different genre's of music under the label, but it mostly focus' around club music. There are some hip hop stuff, some dubstep and some electronica. There is nothing wrong with that as these are all great examples of music. I wouldn't call these guys the masters of their craft, not yet anyway because they are still new. To some people, they may be put off by this group. They may not be fond of Dubstep due to it being a popular target of ridicule. However I remind them that if their only exposure to the genre is Skrillex, then they should expand their horizons and give it a try.

But I digress.

This album is more of a sampler of what to expect from Game Chops which I think is a great idea. Taking a few songs from previously released albums and putting them together works well because those who have just found the group can purchase the album and get a sample of what sort of music Game Chops represents. It's defiantly an interesting idea.

The album has 20 tracks from various producers under the Game Chops label, bringing their own musical style to the album so it gives the album a nice variety. From Super Mario RPG to Kirby to even Gravity Falls, the album has several different covers. It is nice to see other series get focused on instead of the usual Zelda, Mega Man and Final Fantasy, even though two of the three are featured on the album.

I really do dig this album as it showcases artists I may have overlooked. The beats are incredibly catchy and it is a joy to listen to. If I had to choose a favourite song from the album , I believe it would have to be bLiNd's Dracula. It is obviously a Castlevania cover, but what sets it apart from, other songs is the sampling from the old horror films. It is incredibly nifty to hear a Castlevania with references to the old Dracula films. bliNd's work on the song gives the theme a techno feel, which would have been decent, but forgettable, but by going the extra mile and sampling the horror films, it gave it that special touch.

As a first time album, this is really good. It's not the best, but these guys are still relatively new. It will take them time for them to find their strengths and weaknesses, but I feel these guys have the potential for something great. If you are a fan of these genre's, or wish to expand your musical horizons, then why not get the album.

You can buy this album and many other Game Chops albums on their bandcamp page. If you like what you hear then why not help support these artists and purchase their music.

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

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