Friday, 8 February 2013

Lost in the Music ~ Megaman 2 Tribute Album by Mega Beardo

There are times when listening to music I like to use it help me think. I use it to help me come up with story situations or design boring pixel comics. In short, music helps me be creative in my own way. Then there is music that makes me want to kick back in a chair and just relax. To turn off your thinking and sit back with a nice cold drink and a comic in hand. Today I am looking an album that allows me to simply sit back and relax.

I don't know why, but it seems that the Mega Man series, especially the second one, has been covered far more then any other series. I have no idea why, but I believe it is because Capcom is incredibly lenient with how their product is used. They see it as free advertisement for them and will actively promote people and their works. I have to respect that about Capcom, even after some of their more questionable acts in the past.

Instead of turning this into a rock opera the way The Megas and The Protomen have, Mega Beardo simply made this a tribute album. Covering all the songs from the game's original soundtrack is no easy feat, especially doing it alone, but he did it. In the end is an album that flow beautifully from one another, which is a great feature that I wish more albums would implement. Having the music flow from one song to another is important as it doesn't interrupt the listener and have them lose focus on whatever they are doing.

This album sits at 19 songs and every song from the game's soundtrack gets the metal makeover. For alot of people, there number one choice would be Mecha Dragon, the famous Wily Stage 1 theme and while I agree with them, I think it is too easy to choose that song and ignore the other songs on the album. The songs are great, but if I had to choose a favourite that isn't Wily 1 it would be In The Year 200X which fades into Title Theme. Both songs are under a minute and are covers of the Mega Man 2 start up screen. The only strike against it is that I felt that the song could have been one instead of diving it into two pieces.

As much as I love lyrically based songs and albums, there are times I just want to listen to the music itself and Mega Beardo delivers. There are no added lyrics or power ballads, nothing of the sort. It is simply a straight up rock cover.

So in the end is this Tribute Album worth a pick up? If you are a fan of classic rock and the blue bomber, I would say yes. This album is not like The Megas or the Protomen, I cannot stress this enough. If you go into this expecting deep lyrics or a rock opera, then you will be disappointed. This is simply a cover album and if you are a fan then this album is perfect for you.

This album is perfect for those days that you just want to sit back and relax with a book, a snack, and no responsibilities. You can find this album on his Bandcamp page so why not pick up a copy today.

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

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