Tuesday, 30 October 2012

5 Bucks to Burn: Forever Famicom DLC2 by k-murdock and Random

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5 Bucks to Burn

This is a series dedicated to Indie Game Music whose albums are good but don't get enough recognition to mainstream gamers. Why not put this with a Lost in the Music? Some albums, while very good, are sadly too short to warrant a full article.

However these albums are good and deserve a mention. The people behind these albums are incredibly talented and they deserve to be recognized. Five Bucks to Burn will showcase these artists.

Forever Famicom: DLC 2

Going to say right off the bat I preferred Forever Famicom DLC 2 over the original. While the original is not bad, I feel that with this “DLC Pack” k-murdock and Random perfected their craft.

I am really digging this album as it is a nice addition to an already stellar album. At only 5 dollars, you get a nice small selection of songs ranging from Metroid, Final Fantasy VI, Castlevania, Megaman and Bad Dudes and each contribution is wonderful. I have covered the Final Fantasy VI song, the Ruler's Back back in April after PAX East so to hear it in its original state with Random's lyrics was a real treat. However, I have to say the first song on the album is my favourite. What sold me on By Your Side was that it was a collection of Donkey Kong Country 2 tracks that were combined into an awesome mashup. This showcased k-murdock's talent as a musical arranger.

My second favourite track off this album is Without a Trace, the Metroid track. Instead of hearing the song through Samus, we get to here from a typical soldier set on a recon mission. He lampshades several classic sci fi and horror tropes and it is a real blast listening to it. What really shines here is Random's lyrics as the lone Galactic Federation soldier who got cut off from his troop.

In the end, is Forever Famicom DLC 2 worth it? Yes it is. With 7 solid tracks as well, it is well worth the price point. Infact, compared to some DLC it is an incredible deal. You can purchase the album on the Forever Famicom Bandcamp page.

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.


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