Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Crowning Music of Awesome ~ Cry of the Planet.

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This week on Crowning Music of Awesome I was supposed to talk about Hope Rides Alone from The Protomen, but given what is happenning on the US East Cost and Eastern Canada, I feel this song is far more appropriate.

I have touched on Random's Black Materia album a once before praising/blaming it as the gateway for me into the Nerdcore. Of all the tracks I like the most, I have often said that Cry of the Planet was the best song on the album and maintain that it is Random's best song of everything he has produced.

So why is Cry of the Planet worthy of a Crowning Music of Awesome. It is because Random takes a rather menacing song and pulled it from it's fantasy roots and made relevant to real world events. The under lying theme in Final Fantasy VII is that the world is a living being and it is mad. That was in 1997 and now in 2012, we are starting to face natural disasters of biblical proportions. Yes some of it we cannot control such as the earthquakes and the following tsunami. However, major storms, and random weather patterns are a result of humanity, and like in the game, the planet is getting mad.

The song also focus' on the social aspect on why we as a race suck. We are more focused on the lives of sport superstars and media whores while ignoring the downtrodden. When some star has done something wrong, they will get let off with a warning or at worst community service while a single mom or dad who is pulling down two jobs can be busted on the smallest of infractions and have their kids taken away from them. The underlying message of the song is sadly, as a whole, humanity is scum of the earth.

This song by Random have people thinking about that. That we are more focussed on strengthing the well established and hampering the disadvantaged. That nothing will happen to us. People who are in comfortable positions are afraid of helping others because they might be removed from their posh life. If everyone who just listen to mainstream music could take 5 minutes and listen to this song and absorb it's messgae, we may be better off as a species. It takes little effort to help someone less fortunate.

The planet is crying for us.

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