Monday, 3 March 2014

Sonic Generations OST: A Lost in the Music review

Growing up, I loved the Sonic the Hedgehog series as I used to read the comics and watch the original cartoon all the time. However I rarely played the games as we were a Nintendo household and we could only have one console in the house at the time. When my dad got our first modern computer one of the games he got with it was the Sonic 3 & Knuckles Collection. Sadly that and Sonic R were my only Sonic experiences on a console.

Until I finally picked up Sonic Generations. While it wasn't a complete nostalgia blast for me, listening to the re-imaginings of the songs that I was familiar with (namely Sky Sanctuary and Sonic R) made me smile. I don't mind modern versions of classic songs provided that they are done properly. Even if they changed the style of the song, as long as it was done well, I don't mind.

An example would be the remake of the Sonic R main theme. I am not going to lie, I enjoy the original track because of how cheesy it is. There is absolutely no emotion in the singers voice. Now with the remake, the song is more of a techno-dance track. The song and lyrics are still cheesy, but I feel it works for the game. I highly doubt the original track would have worked here.

What makes the music in Sonic Generations fantastic is that there are two versions of each song, much like the original games, except this time the music is based on which Sonic you are using. Using the Classic Sonic, the songs are more akin to the originals while using Modern Sonic has a much more modern feel to the track.

The music in Sonic Generations is fantastic and while some purists might argue that remakes don't work for the levels, I disagree. The music, like the stages themselves have been updated for the modern era and in the updates, things change. I am familiar with the old music and when I compare it to the new work, I can honestly say that the modern versions are superior. Yes the original tracks are great to listen to, but I personally prefer the remade music for Sonic Generations. You can easily enjoy all the unique versions of the songs as they all do something different.

I love the music from Sonic Generations, but the one strike against it is trying to purchase the actual soundtrack. It can be bought on iTunes for $9.99 but that is it. No other digital distributor has the album for sale. I don't use iTunes because much of the time, the music I want is not available in Canada. So until Sega decides to start using multiple online venues to host the music, I will be stuck with lower quality Youtube videos.

I am Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

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