Tuesday, 9 April 2013

ZREO Tribute Week ~ Crowning Music of Awesome: Staff Credit Roll.

This past week the group behind Zelda Re-Orchestrated announced that after nearly nine years of performing together that the group was disbanding. To celebrate their near decade of great music, I will be doing a tribute to ZREO this week.


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I have touched upon ZREO's Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker album before and I stand by my statement that it is quite possibly one of the best albums that the ZREO team had put out. The music is incredibly well done and is the perfect way to send off an album.

The instrument work in this song is absolutely phenomenal. The usage of the drums, flute and fiddle work well together and invokes the feeling of island life and while the end of the song include more instruments the original drums and flute remain playing. It is almost as if the song is saying that no matter how complex your life is, always look back on the simple things in life.

When I hear this song, instead of the standard credit roll from The Wind Waker, I visualize Link, Tetra and the Pirates sailing off into the sunset looking for new lands to explore. They have left their homeland behind them and sailed into the unknown. From one perspective it could be seen as somewhat sad for Link as he is saying goodbye to his sister and Grandma and he may never return, but I think that this is what Link and his family would want. He sailed the Great Sea, first trying to save his sister, then stopping an ancient evil. Simply living on the island afterwards was not possible.

The ZREO rendition of Wind Waker's Staff Roll is so very appropriate these days. The original Staff Roll track was a wonderful farewell to the player from the game and ZREO's rendition, in light of their announcement, this seems so perfect. It's less the game saying good bye and more like the artists at Zelda Re-Orchestrated saying goodbye to the fans. However I am sure that was not the groups intention.

In all honesty, this song is far superior to the original track. It is rare that I find that a cover that is better then the original, but the ZREO version of Staff Roll is simply amazing and trumps the original. The entire album is fantastic, but I believe this song, plus a couple others are simply the best examples.

You can find the album on the ZREO website. Download it today before the site goes offline.

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

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