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ZREO Tribute Week ~ Beyond Audiodome: Majora's Mask vs Ocarina of time Redux

Orignal Art by X-Cross.

This past week the group behind Zelda Re-Orchestrated announced that after nearly nine years of performing together that the group was disbanding. To celebrate their near decade of great music, I will be doing a tribute to ZREO this week.


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Today: Beyond Audiodome
Thursday Friday: Twilight Symphony


In August of last year during my Legend of Zelda Tribute week, I did a Beyond Audiodome comparing the the Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask soundtrack and last time both I considered both albums to be great and couldn't choose between either of them.

But how about the Zelda Re-Orchestrated albums?

Well today on Beyond Audiodome, I take a listen to both the Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask ZREO remakes. Which one is the superior album?

Going into the Ocarina of Time Album, I was surprised at how many songs there were in the album. It seemed ever track from the OST was featured here in some way or another. Now normally that can be considered a good thing as no song is left in touched. However with the Zelda series that means every song such as Item Get also get remixed. The question becomes, do these 4-30 second songs deserve to be remade? The answer is complicated because on one hand they are considered songs and are found on the OST, but at the same time, they are only at most half a minute long.

ZREO's Ocarina of Time album is very good and a wonderful soundtrack to listen to, but the sheer number songs can be kind of intimidating. I understand what they were trying to do but I don't think every micro song should have included. Perhaps if they wanted to they could have had them combine into one long track as a medley, similar to what the Brawl team did.

With Majora's Mask, the team seemed to have learned from the Ocarina of Time album and limited the amount of micro songs with only the Mask Get, New Wave Bossa Nova and Elegy of Emptiness. Perhaps it is because a few songs had been brought over from Ocarina of Time, but the important fact is that the album is much smaller then Ocarina of Time.

Yet there is something amiss with Majora's Mask. Not only was the Final Battle music missing from the albums, but so were the themes to Woodfall Temple, Great Bay Temple and Snowhead Temple. I do not know why they were missing, but in my opinion it does hurt the soundtrack. Great Bay Temple in particular because it was unlike any other song in the Zelda series to that time. The music had a very heavy percussion present in the song and it worked perfectly in the dungeon as it was set in a factory of sorts. I would love to have heard the ZREO version of Great Bay Temple.

Much like the original soundtracks, the ZREO remixes are both incredibly good and it is incredibly hard to choose one over the other. With Ocarina of Time there is an over-abundance of music while with Majora's Mask, the amount of music has been cut down, but in doing so they have also removed some tracks such as the Majora's Mask battle. It is disappointing to say the least because I would love to have heard their version of it.

As much as I enjoy Majora's Mask, I am going to have to say that ZREO's Ocarina of Time Album is the superior version. While it does have the issue of quantity over quality, the album does have several memorable songs on the album such as Windmill Hutt, Ganon's Final Battle and the Title Theme. As much as I enjoyed the Majora's Mask album, it sadly lacked anything as memorable.

On Friday, I will be tackling Zelda Re-Orchestrated last album they released.

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

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