Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Waxing Lyrical ~ Red Wings over Baron

Dragon Warrior may have been the first RPG I ever played, but the first one to get me hooked on the genre was the original Final Fantasy IV, back when it was called Final Fantasy II. At the time I had all but forgotten my adventures as the descendant of Erdrick in the world of Alefgard so this new world drew me in. My dad had borrowed Final Fantasy II friend and was playing it one night and had me give the game a try, which I eagerly accepted because it was a new game. I gave it a try and enjoyed it so my dad told me to make my own file so I could play the game whenever and not worry about ruining his progress.

That is when I saw the intro play out. Five red coloured vessels race across the sky after their mission. The Red Wings of Baron had completed their mission, but at a cost. Their leader, Lord Captain Cecil Harvey of the Baron Red Wings questioned the orders. To strike down innocents to grab a towns sacred treasure. All while this triumphant fanfare played in the background. At that moment, I knew that this game was something special.

Red Wings Over Baron is an awesome track. The song gets you pumped up and makes you feel part of mighty military. Whereas Kingdom of Alefgard invoked the feelings of loneliness and solitude, Red Wings Over Baron was anything but. When you first hear this track, you were the captain of the finest air fleet in your home country. The next time you hear this track, you have been given an ultimatum by your closest friend turned enemy pawn. Later in the game you hear this song for the third and final time as you make your way down to the Lunar Core, accompanied by your closest friends and ready to save the world from an alien madman hell bent on ruling your world.

As much as I enjoy the song, I am glad they limited the usage. Had they used this song consistently, it would not feel as special. Each time you hear this song, something important has happened, be it the ransacking of a defenceless town of mages, confronting your friend turned enemy and finally taking the fight to the madman living in the core of the moon.

This song truly takes me back. Whether you are sailing across the skies after damning your soul or traversing to the centre of the Moon to battle the very essence of hate, this song makes you feel as if you can conquer the world. For those who started getting into the Final Fantasy series, this song was your gateway. While it is not nearly as iconic as other Final Fantasy tracks, it is still a great song and when I hear it, I am taken back to that night my dad showed me a guy in dark blue armour fighting some goblins.

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

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