Friday, 19 April 2013

Lost in the Music ~ Smooth McGroove's VGM Acapella

What can be said about acapella. Certainly it is an acquired taste, however if it is done right it can be great. Acapella falls into the same category as chiptunes. Anyone can do it, but can they do it well. At one time or another, everyone has attempted Acapella, even if they don't realize it. You can find several examples of the music on YouTube. Some songs are great while some are not. So today on Lost in the Music, I will be taking a listen to an acapella artist that goes by the name Smooth McGroove, which may be the greatest stage name of all time.

I actually recently came across Smooth McGroove through the guys over at Alpha and Omega Radio. They had mentioned this artist on Twitter and being curious, I went to his Bandcamp page and began listening to the tracks he had listed for his first CD compilation. In the past, I have been weary of listening to new music but since I began reviewing music, I have begun approaching new music with anticipation. There have been very few times that I was disappointed in what I have found, but for the most part, I have been wonderfully surprised and entertained by the new music. I can safely say that Smooth McGroove's VGM Acapella is a great addition to anyone's playlist.

So how is the music? I find it incredibly enjoyable. Smooth McGroove has a wonderful voice for acapella and he covers the song almost perfectly. There are a couple of songs which he cannot hit the notes, but he finds a way around it by making the song a bit lower, giving it a new sound. That is what I enjoy about his work is that he, like other remix artist;s out there, make the music his own gives it his own unique spin. His best song on the album would have to be his J-E-N-O-V-A cover. While some would think that his vocal's would not work on such a defining song, he uses it to an advantage. The song still feels important and he climactic. The fact that he was able to mix in some of the more complicated parts of the original track into the song speaks wonders about Smooth McGroove's acapella prowess.

Smooth McGroove's work is very good. There are a couple of minor issues in a couple of the tracks as his voice cracks ever so slightly when trying to hit the extremely high notes. It is subtle but on frequent listens it becomes apparent. I would also love to see a bit more variety. I do enjoy his Zelda and Final Fantasy VII tracks, but I would love to see more. Other then these minor problems I find his music really good.

This guy is incredibly talented and I would love to see him tackle other songs such as Final Fantasy VI Searching For Friends, Super Mario RPG's Beware the Forest Mushroom's or hell, why not something obscure, such as a track from Terranigma or even Star Tropics. While he does have some minor missteps here and there, I know he will get better. I would love to see more from him.

You can find his work on Bandcamp. Just follow the link listed below.

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

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