Friday, 26 April 2013

Crowning Music of Awesome: Dared to Dream from the Double Dragon Neon Soundtrack

When you play a game and complete it, the credit sequence is usually one of relief and joy. The villain has been slain, cast into the void or thrown into the core of a galaxy. The heroes can finally relax. The music showcases it as being either a remake of the title theme or soft melody. But what happens when you get a credit sequence where the song is being performed by the games antagonist as he falls through the void.

When I first tried Double Dragon: Neon last year, I fell in love with the game. The visuals were a page straight out of the 80's with garish glowing neon lights, big muscles, big hair, and the heroes and villains using chains as fashion accessories. However it wasn't the visuals I fell in love with but the music. As I wrote last year, these songs seemed to have been a sampler from the 80's. From power ballads to glam to hip hop, if it premiered or was highly prominent in the 80's then it made it into the album.

For the longest time I couldn't decide what my favourite track was. I loved the stage music and the mix tapes were great, but none of the songs stood out to me. Then I got to the end and finally beat the final boss. As I turned my attention to my computer to catch up on Twitter and Facebook messages, I ignored the credits thinking they would be like other games, drab and boring.

I was wrong.

My attention was brought back to the TV as I heard an Elton John/Meatloaf style piano tune playing and Skullmageddon singing. I turned my attention back to the television and watched as Skullmageddon fell, singing praises to his enemies, and rewarding me (the player) a trophy for completing the game. I sat their enraptured by this song. This song is so incredibly cheesy, but for the life of me, I couldn't turn away from it. This song was the perfect way to end the game.

What makes Dared to Dream a fantastic track is that it is sung by the games villain. It's not even an angst ridden song as Skullmageddon is congratulating the heroes victory. The worst he does is lament that him and his gang got thrashed by Billy and Jimmy and lost Marian. In all honesty it makes Skullmageddon sound less like an intimidating super Lich and more like a Highschool nerd. Sean Velasco did a fantastic job on singing the song and coupled with Kaufman's audio work, it truly makes this song memorable.

Dared to Dream was by far the best song to finish the game with. It perfectly sums up your characters victory in the game and as Skullmageddon laments on his loss, you kind of pity him. You never are afraid of him once. You laugh at him as he tries to act tough but really, he's just a nerd who tried to use the Necronomicon to secure himself a girlfriend.

You can find Dared to Dream on the Double Dragon Neon Soundtrack on Bandcamp and on Jake Kaufman's website.

Starting Monday I will be taking a week off of writing to get started on another project I have been working on. I can't go into details right now but depending on how it goes I should have some news about it next week.

This is Daimo mac and I am lost in the music.

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