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Lost in the Music Anniversary: Chrono Trigger Review

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I love Chrono Trigger and I rate it as one of the best RPG's of all time. As I have stated previously, my family wasn't all that wealthy growing up and being in a rather isolated area, getting video games was for more difficult so I only had a few select SNES games to play growing up and sadly I missed out on a lot of games such as Castlevania IV, Soul Blazer and Earthbound. However as Internet became more readily available across the country in the late 90's, I found a whole bunch of games that I missed out on and Chrono Trigger was included amongst them. When i first tried the game, I was apprehensive as at the time my only exposure to RPG's was the Final Fantasy series. I started playing and of course fell in love with the game and music. As much as I love this series, I will not be going over every track from the game, only a select few.

A Premonition/Chrono Trigger

I rarely use the term epic when describing things because I feel that the term has been watered down due to people using it describe every little thing, but the track Premonition set's the stage of what you can expect in this game. Using the sound of a clocking ticking is a nice touch as it draws you in as the music slowly picks up.

The epic part is how it goes into the track Chrono Trigger and it shows clips of what to expect with the game. From battling medieval robotic dragon tanks to venturing on floating continents to running along side a cave-girl as you are chased by dinosaurs, this game promised an epic adventure unlike anything you have played before. With the music backing, it is easily one of the best opening scenes in any game.

Magus' Theme

Magus is by far one of the more interesting jRPG “villains” that was on the SNES and dare I say Ps1. At first glance he seems like your typical rule the world type villain and obsessed with power, but as you go further into the game, you will find that there is depth to him. He has a reason behind why he does it and through him you find that there is an even bigger threat to the world and what he was doing was not a threat.

However, that being said he is still one of the most badass characters in the game and his music signifies that. It is dark and menacing and when you first hear it, you can almost be certain you are facing off against the penultimate boss before the big bad. It is a song that you can use to visualize a Shonen Anime style fight scene. The three time travellers vs the Sorcerer Lord of the Mystics.

Zeal Island

Between all the world map themes, the Zeal Island Theme, later Dark Ages, is possibly my favourite world track from the game. Given the nature of Zeal, this song set's the mood perfectly. It instills a sense of awe while the player is oblivious to the nature of what Zeal contains. The theme also works wonders when you visit Kajar and people appearing to discuss the meaning of existence and if they are there, or are they merely a dream.

This sort of content is of course could be too deep for most young players, but some of the older players, or those returning to the game after a decade and a half of absence could finally start understanding the more intricate parts of the game.

Normally when people break the fourth wall, it is for the sake of comedy, but the people of Zeal, whilst in a state of magical euphoria seem to be aware that their life may be a lie and they are perhaps just the dreams of a madman.

To Far Away Times

Lavos is dead, your friends and Magus are returning to their respective time-lines to reestablish their lives, or in Magus' case, try to find his sister.

As the king blesses Marle and Crono, the two take to the skies with balloons and overlook the land they saved while their friend Lucca and her father set off fireworks to celebrate.

That ending is nice, but I prefer the ending where Lucca, Chrono and Marle take to the Epoch and travel through time to see their friends again in the background. Mixed with the songs, it gives the game a sense of finality and dare I say a bit heartwarming.


Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI are tied for first place in my personal top 10 list of top games and Game OST's. Both games are nothing short of fantastic and stand as true examples of what a great jRPG was. These days that mantle has been taken up by the Persona Games, the Disgaea series and of course Pokemon.

On Wednesday I will be doing Crowning Music of Awesome and on Friday I will be doing the top 10 songs from both the game and a separate top 10 of fan remixes.

It's been more then a year and I am still lost in the music.

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