Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Crowning Music of Awesome: Far Away Memories by Neil Benjamin

The Top ten Times Two article will be up on Friday to finish off the Chrono Trigger Retrospective.

To Far Away Times remains one of my favourite tracks off of the Chrono Trigger OST. To me it is one of the best ways to end the game as it keeps your accomplishments low key. You don't get a huge parade and the citizens of the world don't shower you with praise. Instead you get exonerated from false charges and the King gives his blessing regarding the two main character's relationship. It is a very low key affair, very much the opposite of many of the jRPG's that were out at the time.

Today on Crowning Music of Awesome, I will be taking a listen to To Far Away time, but this time I am taking a listen to an OCReMix version. It isn't the wonderfully done Reuban Kee/Jillian Aversa track, but a more obscure version.

Far Away Memories by Neil Benjamin is a wonderful cover. While some songs dial up the original to give the feel of victory, Benjamin dials back the music, making it very subdued and low key. The song takes on a Folk music vibe more then anything else.

I love this song because there is a personal connection to me. Several years ago I had gone to Anime North in Toronto and met up with some friends of mine. That weekend was so much fun that by the time it was over, I was in near tears because I finally got to meet my friends. Sadly we drifted apart and rarely talk to each other. But I hold onto those memories and everytime this song comes on, I smile and think back to that summer of 2006.

This song is worth a download if you are a fan of Chrono Trigger. Neil Benjamin did a fantastic job on it making the ending theme subdued and personal. If you wish to download this track, you can find the track on OCReMix or check out the Youtube video preview.

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

Friday will be the conclusion of the Chrono Trigger retrospective.

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