Friday, 1 March 2013

Crowning Music of Awesome: History Repeating by The Megas

Crowning Music of Awesome was originally intended to showcase single songs in video games that stood out amongst the others as a beacon. These songs were leagues better then anything else on the OST and very few songs could match it. I had intended to stay away from covers as they usually overshadowed the original and I intended for the original to get the credit. Of course that ended the moment I started talking about Kate Covington's wonderful cover of To Far Away Times and Reuban Kee's excellent rendition, Ascencion to Cosmo Canyon. So today on Crowning Music of Awesome I will be taking a look at the title tracks to The Mega's third album, History Repeating.

For the first part of the song, the band used Rock as the focal point as you get to hear his thoughts on the fighting. He is the only one who can stop Wily and his army of villainous robots, but who is there for him when he needs help. While he has Doctor Light and Roll at his side, that is it. Remember that this universe, while not as dark as the Protomen's Odyssey, is still rather grim as the population is still leery about these robots. Whose to say that this Light versus Wily battle isn't a front for world domination and the good doctor is merely using his old friend as a sacrificial lamb. That's what I love about part 1 as it is slow and thoughtful.

Rock thinks about how the human population visualize him and he is afraid that the people will turn on him and his family. However he must push these thoughts from his mind as he gears up for battle. Wily is at it again with 8 new Robot Masters and only he can stop him.

The second part of the song, or as it's listed One Last Time, speeds things up and gives us a second perspective. Not only are we hearing Rock's thoughts on the matter, but also his brother Protoman. It gives an interesting twist as we the audience are used to looking at this world through the eyes of Mega Man and Dr Light, but adding ProtoMan's perspective starts a trend of showcasing the villain side.

I enjoy the second half here because of the brother dynamic. Listening to the song, you can almost visualize the two squaring off against each other, weapon at the ready, waiting to see who will take the first shot. There is no hate or animosity towards one another. Both brothers are fighting for their respective scientists and they see the other as just another obstacle.

These two songs are fantastic and as I have said earlier, only real issue is that it should have been one song. I can see no reason why they would want to split the songs. I usually have my music on shuffle so I can have a nice variety. However when a song is split into two parts it is kind of distracting. Luckily the two songs work well on their own, but they truly shine when played back to back.

You can purchase The Mega's History Repeating over on their Bandcamp site.

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

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