Tuesday, 8 January 2013

5 Bucks to Burn: River City Random ~ Random

5 Bucks to Burn

This is a series dedicated to Indie Game Music whose albums are good but don't get enough recognition to mainstream gamers. Why not put this with a Lost in the Music? Some albums, while very good, are sadly too short to warrant a full article.

However these albums are good and deserve a mention. The people behind these albums are incredibly talented and they deserve to be recognized. Five Bucks to Burn will showcase these artists.

River City Random: Random

River City Ransom is among the games that I have never played. I recently gave the game a try and sadly I wasn't too impressed by it. But I guess you can't like everything. So when Random made a River City Ransom album, I was intrigued. I wasn't too fond of the game itself, but I liked Random's work so I decided to give the album a chance.

Seeing as I have not played much of River City Ransom and not really knowledgeable of the music from the game, I didn't know what to expect. The music on the album has a nice beat to it and like all of Random's work, the backing music is incredibly tight and flawless and as usual his rhymes are masterful.

Random seems to be in his element here, rapping over video game tunes. While his work on Language Arts is phenomenal, those who prefer his video game raps will find themselves at home with this album.

The album is a pretty good deal at 5 bucks. With 9 songs with the lyrics and 9 that are strictly instrumental work, it allows the listener to choose what he would like. I myself like it both lyrical work and instrumentals. For 5 Bucks you really can't go wrong and a portion of the proceeds go to anti bullying charities.

You can find the album on the Random Bandcamp page

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