Thursday, 22 November 2012

LitM: Beyond Audio-Dome ~ The Protomen vs The Megas

     Within a family there is usually a sibling rivalry. The older child feeling jilted over the younger child getting all the attention while the younger child is jealous of all the cool things their sibling gets to do. Even if they don't realize it, there is always going to be conflict.

     Can the same be said about bands?

     Whether they are aware of it or not, The Megas and The Protomen are an example of battling bands. They have both made music based off of Capcom's Megaman franchise and turned it into a rock opera. The only difference is their choice of protagonist. The Protomen, who were the first group thus the older brother took Protoman while the younger “brother” took Megaman as their central character.

     At first glance, it can be argued that the Megas are nothing more then a knock off of The Protomen, and I could understand how people could see, or in this case, hear it. However these two bands are incredibly different. The only thing in common is that they share the source material. Both bands have adopted a Rock Opera format for their music. Through their songs they tell stories, but after that is where they diverge.

     With The Protomen, they have penned an entirely new story for the Megaman universe. The world is far darker with Wily actually succeeding in his bid for global conquest. The titular Protoman is gone, having lost his life trying to save an apathetic population. This is not the same world that Keiji Inafune created 25 years ago. The music is also wholly original as the songs made are not from any of the Megaman games.

     With the Megas, the story they have penned is pretty much similar to the games themselves. Like The Protomen, their world is darker, but it is no where near as grim. The Megas have also adapted the music from the games themselves and added their own take on it, similar to what you hear through artists such as CarboHydroM and other artist on OCRemiX.This is not a bad thing and it may give The Megas more crossover appeal with other artists out there.

     In the end, I have to say I prefer The Protomen more then The Megas. Both bands are incredible and I enjoy both of them immensely. However the world that they have crafted is incredibly well done. They have taken a rather lighthearted series and turned out a grim opera. Comparing the stories, it is refreshing to see a unique spin on the Megaman world. Instead of the near utopia that is the original Megaman story, the world has fallen into decay. There is no hero and the people have grown either apathetic or are too afraid to stand along side the hero at their time of need. Hope truly rides alone.

     I chose The Protomen because they dared to be different. Instead of relying on the music from the games, they have crafted their own work. Their music is unique in the sense that they did not need to rely on the original songs to make their own work. Again I must stress I do like what the Megas have done. They are a good band, I just prefer The Protomen.

     You can purchase The Megas and TheProtomen albums off their respective sites. Both bands are great and who knows. Maybe they could do a collaboration project.

     This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

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