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Lost in the Music: CarboHydroM

     It's not uncommon for those in the remix community to make a metal themed arrangement every once in a while, infact some bands such as Metroid Metal and The Protomen have made it their MO to be strictly metal. However on this articles spotlight, I'd like to showcase another metal remixer by the name of CarboHydroM.

     Like some of his some contemporaries, most of his arrangements specialization comes in the form of making metal covers out of video game music. Since starting out in 2004, CarboHydroM has released over 60 songs. Now granted some of these arrangements he has redone since then, giving them extra polish, but that is still an impressive list. It is not an easy task to narrow down such a large list.

5) If I Had Wheels

A game that specializes in Rubber Band AI should have a cover that has that same specialization. This song in question, If I Had Wheels, a cover to the Mario Kart 64 credits theme is much like the game it is basing off of. At first, the song has a meloncholy feel to it, then suddenly you get a feeling of energy and happy, to suddenly feeling rather morose. The song expresses every emotion available to it in such a short amount of time. Much like getting hit by a Blue Shell seconds from the finish line and then falling to fourth place.

I really hate that rubber band AI...

I am a huge fan of the Kirby games so to find a rock cover of the ending theme from Milky Way Wishes was a real treat. Ride the star is a great fun tune. Much like the original, the cover gives the sense of victory and finality. The galaxy is saved and the hero is in a slumber, where he awaits his next adventure.

When I listen to it, I don't hear a Kirby cover, I hear a regular rock song, sans lyrics. It is fun and a great thing to listen to when you are working out.

My first iteration into Megaman was the first one for the Gameboy followed by Megaman 7 on the SNES, so I missed out on the so called renaissance of the Megaman franchise. However, through the magic of roms and emulation (Nerd Vice does not endorse the use of either roms or emulation) While I was not at first impressed by the games, I was hooked onto the music, showing that Capcom knows how to use chiptunes to great ends.

The song, instead of being a straight up cover, meshes both the Megaman 3 intro and the first Dr Wily Stage from Megaman 2 creating an unique dynamic to the song. At first it is somewhat calm before kicking it into high gear, then goes further into a dynamic fighting theme, creating an interesting duality; the adventure and the battle. A great theme.

I have to thank I Wanna Be The Guy for introducing me to the Duck Tales game on the NES. Through that game I was able to get exposed to the game which in it own right has a solid soundtrack. Although only The Moon made an appearance in the fan game, it got me interested in hearing the other songs from the game, which are quite good in their own right.

But I am sure you are asking what this has to do with Sweet Memories of Earth. Well, it is the CarboHydroM cover of The Moon. I can't really say much about the tune except that it feels like a more updated version of an actual Duck Tales tune, not just a game cover.

I feel the cover gives a feeling of exploration. That feeling of newness and adventure. It is a theme I associate with Anamanaguchi's Another Winter. A great tune for those who would step out their door and onto adventure.

I am not going to beat around the bush here, the ending to Kingdom Hearts still makes me teary eyed. The ending theme Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru knows how to push the right buttons on me and make me feeling very down, despite being victorious over Ansem (who should be given an award for how many times one can utter the word Darkness in a half hour timespan).

Rising Sun, however does it differently. You can hear the emotion behind the song, but instead of sadness, you can hear a determination behind the chords. It is a theme of carrying on in the face of adversity. To kick all self doubt to the curb and be the hero that destiny has thrust onto you.

So the question you should ask yourself, should I get these songs. If you are fond of great guitar licks and metal beats, then you should. CarboHydroM is a great guitarist and an amazing remixer. You should give his stuff a listen to. You can find his website here.

This has been Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

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