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Lost in the Music: Scott Pilgrim vs the World

     Chiptunes are a rare breed of music these days in modern gaming. For the most part, games have large bombastic soundtracks utilizing full blown orchestra's giving each game a grand scale. However there are times when retro is better. The simple chiptune can be a refreshing change of pace.

     That is what makes Scott Pilgrim: Vs the World: The Game such a satisfying change. They could have easily made a shoddy tie in game to match the release day, but instead they went their own route, making the game in the same vein of classic arcade beat em ups like Final Fight, using 16 bit era sprites and music, which is Anamanaguchi's speciality, which make it's it ideal for becoming lost in the music.

East Coast/West Coast Rivalry

For those unaware, Bollywood is the catch all term for movies made in India with it's action/martial arts movies most prominent. The music in those movies are high paced, high energy themes. So when you are fighting Matthew Patel in Scott Pilgrim, it would be only fitting that the music would be reminiscent of those Bollywood Action Movies. 

     The music has that feeling that really wants to move you. It's energy is very infectious and has an excellent beat to it. Ideal for this boss fight and an ideal piece to get cemented at the number 5 spot. 

Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpukyaku...
or something.

If Bollywood is a take on Bollywood action flicks and music, then the Twin Dragon's is it's Hong Kong Fu counterpart. This is a song that would not look out of place during a fight in a Hong Kong alley way. Kind of ironic seeing as the Katayanagi twins are Japanese. But that is neither here or now. 

The song itself, much like Bollywood, is capable of transporting the player. Not to India but as said to Hong Kong. The song shares several similar elements to Fei Long's theme from Street Fighter, which when you think about it is kind of ironic considering that the game took several elements from Final Fight. Still an excellent track. 

3 Gideon Wrath Part 1 and Part 2 

Every game has climatic fight, sometimes split into two different tracks and Gideon Wrath I and II are no different. Each track represents a different phase of the fight. One song has an epic, god slaying feel to it while the other has that more personal fighting your rival element to it. 

Now With 20% more bloom.
     Gideon Wrath Part 1 is the rival feel to it and personally the better of the two. It's that feeling you get when after all has been said and done, you still have to face the last boss/villain/evil ex. He has done horrible things to you and your friends for the past year and now finally it is all on the line with one last confrontation. 

     Gideon Wrath Part II on the other hand has that feeling of epicness. Whereas when you first face Gideon he is but a man, but now he is a God, possessing the spirits of the previous 6 exes. He is twisted beyond redemption. But it also exposes his more human side. Where he exposes his heart, only for you to strike it until he falls in defeat. Not from Scott himself, but from heartbreak. 

     Or it could be something completely different. 

We at Lost in the Music do not
support violence against women
Where the previous boss themes have been more balanced in presentation, Rox 300 is a crazy, unbalanced tune, perfectly reflecting Roxie Richter herself. The tune starts off high strung and fast sounding the immediately slows down for a few beats only for it to get amp up it's speed. If there is one strike against this song it is that it is too damn short. clocking in at only 1:35 and it starts to repeat itself at the 48 second mark. Now granted there are only a couple of songs that pass the 2:30 mark, but when you are used to songs that go from 3:00 to 11 minutes in length, it does feel a bit underwhelming

     Despite this flaw, the song is quite fun and to me one of the best songs on the album. But the best has yet to come. 

Join the hipster army
And Another Winter is the best song on the album. This is the first theme I have ever heard from the game and fell in love with the game. This is the song you listen to with your girlfriend while walking down the snow streets of Toronto and beating up thugs who try and rob you. 

This is by far the crown jewel of the soundtrack. A fun, adventurous tune that set's the stage for a great game. 

     There you have it, my top 5 pics from the Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game soundtrack. The CD is an awesome buy. You can find it on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon for under 10 bucks and it is well worth the buy. If you need some funky chiptunes, you can do no better then Anamanaguchi.

Best victory dance ever!

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