Thursday, 15 May 2014

History Repeating: Red by The Megas ~ A Lost in the Music album review

This has been a good week for music. Not only has The World Is Square released their latest album, but The Mega's have also released their latest album, History Repeating: Red, the epic conclusion to their History Repeating duology.

History Repeating: Red continues its trend in performing the songs from the perspective of the Robot Masters but this time the story is more focused on Megaman's wayward brother Protoman. I love how the perspective shifted to give Protoman his moment in the spotlight. Instead of delving more into how Rock feels about being a hero, we learn what drives Protoman and why he is angry.

The album is divided into two parts with the first 5 songs involving the remaining Robot Masters as well as Rock's faithful companion Rush. However with The Red Song, the overall tone of the album turns dark. This is where Protoman makes his debut and instead of music, you hear the sound of robotic footsteps rushing down the streets while a familiar musical note plays in the ground. The entire piece has no dialogue, but it is easily one of the deepest parts of the story. Megaman is looking for Wily's 9th robot and in his search this single tune keeps following him. The last 20 seconds of the song is nothing short of amazing as you can visualize Rock stopping in his tracks as Breakman stands high above him. Their eyes for a brief moment before the latter robot blasts at him sending the younger robot flying back.

Normally I am not fond of bands splitting a song into two parts, but this time I am willing to make an exception as The Red Song as it sets up the climactic battle between the two characters. The following song I Am Not Breakman is an introduction to the character itself while The Red Song is merely the set up for the two characters to confront each other.

The rest of the tracks are nothing short of brilliant. Make Your Choice is a track that Protoman offering his younger brother a place by his side as he helps secure robot domination for Dr Wily. His reasoning is that as a robot, they will never be accepted as equals amongst the huiman population and that only through Wily will they achieve their dreams. Obviously Rock doesn't believe that and strives for peace, but is reminded that as long as the two sides are fighting, there will be no peace.

Following Make Your Choice is I Refuse (to Believe) and I am guessing it depicts Protoman confronting Dr. Light and how that he should move past the betrayal and work with Wily again. The second part of the song is Rock confronting his brother and using his own arguments against him, by stating that they have the capabilities to make their own choices and that they are not bound by coding. The only thing he has to do is let go of his anger.

Finally we have Melody From the Past, the last song on the album which is sung from Protoman's perspective. He has come to terms that he was abandoned in favour of Megaman and that he will hold no ill will towards either of them. He even sings that if he was in Megaman's place he would have acted as his younger brother would have. It is a great way to end the album

The tracks that focus on Protoman gives an insight to how the robot perceives his lot in life. Where his brother Rock has a family to support him in his heroics, Protoman has nothing. He is a loner who believes that his father rejected him for a newer son. In the song I'm Not the Breakman, Protoman speaks on how he felt Doctor Light betrayed him. He sees this world that his father built and he hates it. There is so much more to Protoman's story that The Megas have created that it would be criminal for me to spoil it.

If you are just getting into The Megas I would hold off on getting History Repeating: Red until you have listened to History Repeating: Blue. I suggest this because previous album sets up the bands version of the Megaman 3 story. You can find the albums on The Megas Bandcamp page.

History Repeating: Red is a great album and I love how The Megas have given all the Robot Masters their own unique quirks but the real joy in this album is how band has crafted Protoman and his story. They turned the aloof robot into a dark and hateful character, wanting vengeance on his “father”. I am curious as to where The Megas take their rock opera from here.

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

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