Thursday, 9 January 2014

Forever Famicom DLC 3 from k-murdock and Megaran: A Lost in the Music Review

The dynamic duo of nerdcore has reunited once again to finish off the album that made them stars. Kyle “k-murdock” Murdock and Raheem “Megaran aka Random” Jarbo have joined forces once more to put the finishing touch on the last piece of “DLC” bringing their first collaboration to a close. I am of course talking about Forever Famicom: DLC 3.

Starting off the album is the song Yoshi, which sampled the Training Course theme from Yoshi's Island. In the game, the track gives off a that feeling of excitement when you start the game. It is a new Mario adventure but instead of playing as the portly plumber, you instead are playing as his faithful sidekick. The song is far more exciting then any other starting track from the Mario games.

The song Yoshi represents a couple of things. First off, it represents k-murdock and Megaran reuniting to finish off their first big collaboration. While Training Course is the start of a new adventure, the track is one stating that the two are back together. Megaran's lyrics start off with a brief shout out to the father of Nintendo Hiroshi Yamauchi who passed away last year. It is incredibly subtle, but it works here as Yoshi is more about the accomplishments of the singer. It can be argued that the song is nothing but Megaran gloating about his accomplishments, but it goes a bit deeper then that. Specifically he is singing that it has taken him some time to make it this big, that he wasn't an overnight sensation. Like any good artist, he had his moments of greatness and moments of failure.

Another great song on the album is the third track titled One Bad Day. When I saw the title and the game I was curious of what it was about. After a few moments it hit me. Megaran had adapted The Killing Joke into a 5 minute track depicting how the Joker became to be. All the major plot points from the book is in the song and coupled with k-murdock's wonderfully mixing makes this track great. The two of them were able to do what other writers have never been able to; pitying the Joker. Not even the book which the song is inspired from is capable of doing that.

Forever Famicom DLC 3 is a fantastic album and a definite purchase for fans of Nerdcore. Not only does it finish off the album, but it also showcases how far the two have come in their fields. Megaran's lyrics have become much more fluid and has a more storyteller feel to it while k-murdock's sampling and mixing has improved to the point that the tracks sampled feel wholly different from what they were. Added with the collaborations from other Nerdcore artists, it makes this album a real treat

This album is a great way to start 2014. You can purchase Forever Famicom: DLC 3 on their bandcamp page.

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

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