Monday, 20 January 2014

An Introduction to Peter Crowley

Stories can be told in any medium, be it comic, game, or movie. However there is one medium that is rarely touched upon when it comes to story telling and that is music. Yes I know the existence of rock operas and musicals, and while I enjoy them, sometimes they aren't what I am looking for. There are times where I want music to base a setting on and make my own story. Yes you can interpret the rock albums any way you want, but in the end, it doesn't really matter as there is an already established story.

While I was browsing Bandcamp this past weekend, I came across an artist that goes by the name Peter Crowley and decided to take a listen to his work. When I went to his page I was amazed by how much music he had available to stream. I immediately began with his original stuff and as I listened to his work I could imagine creating stories in the worlds he created. Soon I began to go through his entire discography, creating unique stories for each album.

Arguably, Peter Crowley's work could be up for interpretation as he himself has created his own story within the music. However, much like hal-c's and Miearth's When Late Becomes Early, you can make your own story based on the music itself. There is no lyrics to tell you what the story is. All you have is the music and the title.

Like many performers, his first albums are arguably his weakest. They are still good, but you cannot compare them to his later work. Going through his entire discography, you can tell how much he has improved, even of the changes are subtle. Perhaps sometime in the future I will go through and review each album on its own as they warrant a proper review.

I love this sort of instrumental work. It can tell you a story without needing words and relying solely on music. It is difficult to perform and do it right, but when it does, it works beautifully.

You can find Peter Crowley's music on his bandcamp page.

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