Monday, 2 December 2013

In a Snowbound Land: A Lost in the Music Editorial

It may come as a surprise to many folks that as a Canadian, I do not like winter. The short sunless days coupled with the long dark nights wreck havoc on my psyche and I just plain don't like the cold. However, songs that invoke the feeling of winter get a pass as they seem to have a more mystical, tranquil sound to it. So today on Lost in the Music, I will be taking a listen to In a Snowbound Land fom Donkey Kong Country 2 well as a couple of the tracks remixes.

The original version of In a Snowbound Land is fantastic. While it is not as enjoyable as Stickerbrush Symphony or Kannon's Klaim, it is still a great track. This is a song that you play when you simply want to relax. The work for the day is done, you've had dinner and at that moment everything is right in the world. This song is perfect to listen to late at night on Christmas Eve. Snuggled on the couch with a loved one as all the lights are save for the decorations, it is so ideal.

One of the more well known renditions of the track is Us Monkies Together which comes from the OCReMix album, DKC2: Serious Monkey Business where the Flickerfall duo, diotrans and Palpable, make this song more for the child at heart. The one who loves tobogganing down hills, making snowmen and getting into snowball fights with their friends. One thing unique about the song is that it is sung in Mandarin and not in English and for many it would be the excuse to turn off the song. I think otherwise and find diotrans vocals to be perfect for this song. I am sure the song would have worked in English as well, but personally I think it would lose some of its charm. You can find the song on OCReMix or on YouTube.

The next remix on the list is one not found on OCReMix, but on Youtube. In searching for remixes of this song, I came across this one version whose artist simply wished to make this song with more realistic instruments. The song is incredibly simple, but that is what I like about it. This remix is more tranquil then the original and as silly as it sounds works best as background noise as I feel it allows the listener to go into deeper thought. Perhaps it could allow them to reflect on their past or start removing the dreaded curse that is writers block. Its simple and great. If you are interested in the track you can find it here on YouTube

In a Snowbound Land is still a great song and I feel is more under represented within the remixing community. While it is not as ignored as some tracks, it is still often overlooked for the more popular tracks such as Stickerbrush Symphony and Forest Interlude. I am aware that some songs don't get the remix treatment which is a shame because there are countless great songs out there waiting to be discovered.

Although I do not like the season, I do love In a Snowbound Land as it rekindles my inner child. It makes me want to go outside and go sledding or build a snow fort and pelt my friends and family with snowballs and afterwards watch a movie while sipping hot cocoa. You can do these activities as adults, but it is not the same. I would make the claim that this song is more suited for the Christmas season more then anything else.

This is such a perfect song for the holiday season.

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

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