Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Eevee EP from OCReMix: A Lost in the Music Review

There is something about Pokemon that makes me go back to it. While I did miss out on Gen 3, the series still holds a special place in my heart. Now I am not the type of fan who collects the cards to play against others, go into obsessive detail over the EV's and IV's of certain Pokemon, perform the Nuzlocke challenge, or breed my Pokemon so the inherit the best from either parent. I play the game for fun.

Yesterday the folks over at OCReMix released their latest album, the Eevee EP, a small 9 song album performed by the OCReMix crew. Each song represents one of the various Eeveelutions, from the vanilla Eevee to the yet released Sylveon. Each track is different from the last, some being a more calming and relaxing trance-esque pieces to chiptunes to the guitar-laden rock tracks.

I'll cover a couple of songs of what I favour the most. That doesn't mean I don't like the others. I just prefer these songs.

Starting the EP off is project lead Darkesword cover of Road to Viridian. The music gives off a feeling of a more dreamlike state. It projects that feeling of absolute calm and serenity. The road is open to your adventure and all you have to do is choose your path. Much like Eevee itself.

Next on my list is Brandon Strader's Flareon track. Covering Lavender Town is interesting in itself, but the way the artist covered makes the haunted town an even creepier vibe. Strader's cover of Lavender Town makes the track far more gloomy, almost to the point that the song evolves into a light Death metal track. The way the guitar mixes with the original song is almost haunting. Strader did a fantastic job on the track.

Last on the list is halc's rendition of Eterna Forest for Leafeon. I enjoy halc's work immensely. Throughout his time as an artist, he has crafted his own unique sound mixing dubstep and chiptune. Many other artists do this, but halc knows how to balance both genres and give the listener an unique experience. The original Eterna Forest was a quiet and serene track and while it was enjoyable, it didn't draw me in the same way halc's track did. Photosynthesis feels a bit more like an adventure theme.

What really sells this track is the addition of birds chirping. It is such a minor detail that many would overlook. I feel it really adds to the song and makes the song complete.

What I have listed is only a third of what the album has. From ship step to metal to trance and everything in between you should find something you would enjoy.

So in the end, how is the Eevee, EP? It's a decent album. Nothing too daring or revolutionary. To those expecting something huge after their FF6 album, you may feel let down as the album is only 9 tracks long. However, considering what the team was doing with the album, making it a short EP about the different Eeveelutions and celebrating the Evolution Pokemon felt more appropriate then one large bombastic celebration.

I do enjoy Eevee EP for what it is and if you are not a fan of shorter albums, then you can avoid it. However you would be missing out on some great tracks from Darkesword and his team.

You can find the Eevee EP on its website.

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

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