Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I'm back.

I am finally back from ConBravo. After taking a night to decompress, I am finally able to put my thoughts to paper.

I had a blast. meeting up with Mike Dodd and his ever lovely wife Blaire is always a treat. Getting to simply just chat about work and life with him almost makes the trip worth it. I respect Mike and see him as a mentor figure. A Batman to my Nightwing.

Meeting with Pat The NES Punk, Clan of the Grey Wolf's Roo and ProJared was so awesome. These guys are so incredibly chill that you cannot not respect these guys. Also props to Derek the Bard whom I kept on running into, (I swear man, the con is tiny XD) Also Linkara is a pretty cool guy to chat with and was very open to giving warranted advice.

I spent most of my time just wandering the halls and only went to a few panels, although the ones I did go to were great. However, I would request that the team does invest in a couple of fans for the more AC impaired rooms.

If I have to critique the con it would be both the games room as well as the con location. I felt that the games Room should have divided the Table Top from the video games. Half the time I could not hear the DM speak as it got way to chaotic. Of course that could just have been a floor space issue but I digress. Maybe next year there could be a separate room for Tabletop gamers.

The second issue is the actual neighbourhood of the con. Now the Sheraton Hotel and Hamilton Convention Center are both very nice places, but the neighbourhood is less then nice. I rarely ventured outside the area as the are looked incredibly run down. I half expected I was gonna get jumped by some thugs. Again, I am not blaming this on the Con itself, nor do I expect them to change venue for the sake of one mans opinion.

I would like to say to the team at ConBravo that you guys did a hell of a job and that I had a load of fun.

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