Friday, 7 June 2013

Belmont by Megabeardo ~ A Lost in the Music Review

Growing up, I never really got into the Castlevania games until I was much older. Up until I was 20, my only real Castlevania game I had played was Castlevania II: Simon's Quest and I was confused with the game. I was promised a fight against Dracula and instead, I got obscure hints, and painfully long day to night transitions. Being only 5 when i first played Castlevania,, my patience wore thin and I ultimately gave up on the game. So I never truly got into the series until I bought the Dracula X Chronicles for the PSP and had a chance to experience the series myself.

Due to my past experience with the Castlevania franchise, I never really got into the music, which is a shame as some of the music tracks are iconic in there own right and have stood the test of time. However I have been slowly getting into the music and one of the first albums to introduce me to the music of the series is Mega Beardo and his album Belmont.

First and foremost, Belmont is a fantastic album with solid instrument work and amazing lyrics. The album seems to have a Death Metal sound and given the series it is working with, I don't mind. The lyrics and music work so well with the source material. Normally I am more distant of the Death Metal genre, but there are always exceptions and Mega Beardo's Belmont is that exception.

Mega Beardo as Simon Belmont does a great job conveying what the character is feeling. With the first track Simon, there is apprehension and a little bit of fear in his voice. He is about to assail Dracula's Castle and has no idea what to expect. The lyrics perfectly describe Simon's feelings and coupled with the very mellow instrument work makes for a wonderful opening track.

Another bonus to the album is how the first and second songs flow perfectly to one another. You can visualize that at the end of Simon, the singer has approach the castle and forced his way inside to deal with the Creatures of the Bloodline. The Vampire Killer at the ready to start taking down those who stand before him. While I do wish that all the songs would flow into one another, I understand why Mega Beardo didn't do that, seeing as the focus shifts from Simon to another character.

After the melancholic opening the album opens to expertly crafted drum beats and guitar work. While the Megaman 2 tribute was good, Belmont shows an improvement to Mega Beardo s work. I would say that Belmont is just as good as the Mega's album History Repeating. While Belmont won't get me into Death metal, I am willing to give those albums a second listen.

I have been asking for more rock operas and it seems my prayers have been answered by Mega Beardo  Belmont is an awesome album and if you are a fan of Castlevania and looking for a new album to sink your teeth into, then you can't go wrong with Belmont.

The entire album is great from start to finish and through Belmont he has gotten me interested in seeking out more music from the Castlevania series. You can find the album on Mega Beardo s Bandcamp page.

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

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