Friday, 17 May 2013

The Image of Cool by nickelPUNK: A Lost in the Music Album Review

As of recently I have touched upon Chiptunes, Dubstep, Nerdcore and Megaman Rock Opera so it feels I have strayed from my roots. It is not a bad thing as it has allowed me to explore new music but there are moments that I could find an album that takes me back to before I knew of the music scene beyond OCReMiX.

Enter nickelPUNK and The Image of Cool, his latest EP released earlier this week on Bandcamp.

Given the music I had been working with the last while I was honestly expecting this to be a Dubstep album, but was surprised when Electronica music began to play. Due to the fact it has been an incredibly long time since I had heard Electronica, I had forgotten what it was like, but within the first few seconds of The Method, it came back to me. 

Actually, it would be unfair to call The Image of Cool strictly an Electronica album as they have included Chiptune elements into the music. While they are subtle, they do give the tracks a unique sound. Also included on the album are a couple of vocal tracks

The Image of Cool is a great album, and a coupled with The Altered Beasts album Transfiguration, a great way to kick off the summer. nickelPUNK clearly knew what he was doing when he made this album. The tracks are incredibly fun to listen to and like all good Electronica, it makes you want to move your body and seeing as it is summer, that is a positive. The Image of Cool is the album you have playing as you are  speeding* down a long stretch of highway with your window down and the warm air blowing into your vehicle. 

The best song that exemplifies this feeling is Cruisin', featuring Ryn who wrote and performed the lyics. Her voice works perfectly with nickelPUNK's Electronica in the background and the lyrics are ideal. Ryn sings about getting lost in the music while driving. Not knowing where your destination will be. Ideal for those warm summer days where you have the need to go somewhere.

That is what makes Cruisn' my favourite track on the album. It exemplifies the very essence of the summer roadtrip. Your destination doesn't matter, as long as you have good music playing and the wind blowing, there is nothing that can stop you.

So in the end, should you get The Image of Cool? If you are a fan of Electronica then yes. nickelPUNK's album is great to listen to. You will feel motivated to dance while listening to this album. This is not the music you listen to when you need background noise when you are writing, drawing or reading. This is music you put on when you are cleaning around the house or are on a run. This music makes you want to move your body.

You can pick up The Image of Cool over at Bandcamp.

This is Daimo Mac and have a safe and fun long weekend.

*Note: Lost in the Music does not endorse speeding or stunting in your vehicle. Drive safe this long weekend

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