Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Lost in the Music: Lost Beats and Found Friends by DJCutman

Art by Tron Bonne. For commission information visit her Facebook page

Remixes are what gave the video game music scene it's voice. In the beginning, there was was OCReMix and from their spawned countless different artists. Some of these artists were people from the industry remaking their own songs, while others were there to show off their creativity. Many performers such as Andrew and Jillian Aversa from OCReMix, have turned their hobby into a career. Since then, there have been many different cover bands to come out and showcasing their music to those who listen.

Remixing also has it's roots in other works, specifically Rap and Hip Hop. Musicians from the late 60's used sampling to experiment songs, but didn't reach mainstream and become a genre of it's own until the 70's with the birth of Hip Hop and Rap. It's interesting to see that both genre's of music both have origins in sampling. While it doesn't encourage me to listen to hip hop and rap, I can appreciate it's connection to video game music.

Yesterday, DJCutman released his 4th album, this one called Lost Beats and Found Friends which is a significant change from his usual work. Normally DJCutman uses Video Game music for his samples, but not this time. Lost Beats and Found Friends is a collaboration album of sorts. The songs on this album are all works sampled from his fellow artists he has met over the past couple of years.

The album is short coming in at 6 songs, but because the album has a more personal touch to it, I feel that more songs would cheapen the album as a whole. Under each song on his Bandcamp page, DJCutman describes the song and how he came across the artist. It is not as indepth as some people would want, but it's good to see how he came across the artist and song.

I have to say that DJCutman is fast becoming one of my favourite artist in the field. I fully admit when I first heard him, I was nervous because I had heard a few dubstep tracks and given the common thought that Dubstep isn't music, I was kind of leery of his music. However I went through his backlog and found out that it was only a small part of his work. After a few listens, I grew to enjoy his work, including the Dubstep. With all genre's of music there is good and bad and DJCutman showcased that Dubstep can be good and one shouldn't let the opinion of others cloud their judgement.

So is Lost Beats and Found Friends worthy of a purchase? Yes it is. Like I said it is not a long album, bit for a name-your-price, it is considered a great deal. I am not saying the lower prices reflect the quality of the music, far from it. You can purchase the album on DJCutman's Bandcamp page.

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

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