Monday, 19 November 2012

Lost in the Music: Language Arts: Vol 2~ Random

     Last time on Language Arts. The game Killcount has been sweeping the nation. Kids have started dropping out of school to play the game. Kids are failing classes and now Mr. J's job is on the line. What can he do to get the kids off of the game back to class.

     I have been kicking myself for not getting to Language Arts Vol 2 sooner. With the third and final installment dropping on Tuesday (at the time of this writing), I feel it is only appropriate that I do a write up for not just Volume 2, but for Volume 3 as well. So enjoy this 2 part write up featuring Language Arts vol 1 and 2.

     Language Arts Volume 2 picks up only an hour after Volume 1 has ended. Raheem Jarbo (aka Mr J.) is feeling low. He has been delivered an ultimatum. Improve attendance and test scores or he will be terminated. The album starts off with Mr J heading to his local watering hole for a drink and to contemplate and talk to his friend/confidant/bartender Wordsworth hoping for some good news. Sadly Wordsworth has none and has delivered more bad news. The Champ, ZeeDub has challenged the Teacher Rapper Hero to a rap battle. Mr J contemplates how he now has his career as a underground artist on the line because he sends out positive messages in contrasts to ZeeDub who see's him as a threat.

     I really enjoyed Language Arts Volume 2. While LA Vol 1 was mostly set around Mr J's school life, Volume 2 showcases the world outside his seemingly comfy teaching position. In Faculty Lounge, Homeboy Sandman raps as a colleague of Mr J, describing how that their school is falling apart. The kids misbehave so they medicate them and should the kid fail in class, the parents blame the teacher, not the student. From this perspective, life is not as good as the first album made it out to be. By the end of the album, his girlfriend has been taken and threatened. This is Mr J's darkest time .

     Random as well as the guest vocalists have done a fantastic job again on this album. The beats are incredibly tight and the lyrics are again wonderfully crafted. With tracks like On the Line and Faculty Lounge, they bring the world of Language Arts to life. This is an incredibly solid soundtrack and while not as memorable as Language Arts Vol. 1 it is still a fantastic album and I whole heartily recommend the album. Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion.

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