Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Crowning Music of Awesome: Lindsey Stirling

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I think today's write up should be called Crowning Musician of Awesome because instead of a single song I am covering, I will be covering the wonderfully talented Lindsey Stirling.

I first heard of her while watching Radio Dead Air several months back and he played her Zelda Medley. I became interested in her work and decided to check out more of her stuff on Youtube. After going through her playlist, I was hooked. She is an amazingly talented violinist and both her covers and her original compositions are amazing. She puts out so much energy in her performance that I find myself creatively inspired by her work.

As much as I love her video game covers, I have more love for her original works. While the Zelda Medley, Song of the Dragonborn, Lord of the Rings Medley and her Phantom of the Opera cover are fantastic, when you compare it to her video's like Shadows, Moon Dance and We Found Love, which is performed with African tribal performers, they just pale in comparison. That's not to say they are bad, far from it, I just prefer her original compositions.

Her music is not just an audio treat. Her video's are also incredibly awesome and really complete them. Shadows for instance depicts her playing the music while her shadow starts dancing to it. It is incredibly cool to watch and really adds to the experience.

While normally I would put this sort of write up on a Monday slot, I don't feel I would be doing her any justice. She is an incredibly talented violinist that she deserves the title of Crowning Musician of Awesome. I admit she hasn't exposed me to new kinds of music like k-murdock and Random have with Nerdcore, but she has shown me that musical talent is everywhere online and to search it out.

You can find her work on her Youtube page.

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

Sorry for the rather short right up today, going through some renovations in the office so I have been busy.

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