Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Lost in the Music: Brass 2: Mouth by The minibosses

     If there is one thing I love about video game music is the amount of video game cover bands there are. From the rock opera style of the Protomen, who have weaved an intricate, deep and dark story about the blue bomber and his estranged brother, to nerdcore artist Random, who got his start writing Megaman themed beats to the Megas who have turned Rock covers into an art to even OCRemiX and their immense library of arranged soundtracks.

     I do admit that I am ignorant on many cover artists when it comes to Video Game music so when i find new stuff, I do feel embarrassed that I never came across the band before and that is how I feel about today’s band of choice.

     The miniboss' latest album Brass 2: Mouth (by latest I mean released back in December of last year) is a rather interesting album. The majority of the tracks are made up of Excitebike tracks, coming in at under 30 seconds for the most part. I don't know if this is a recurring element, but I do find it odd. The tracks are catchy, but they only last for a few scant seconds and the group makes the most of it.

     While the Excitebike micro-tunes are the majority of the album, they certainly are not as catchy as some of the melodies that the band has crafted. Possibly one of my favourite tracks on the album has to be Kid Icarus, taking all the main songs from the original game and compiling it into a catchy guitar laden medley. It feels like something you would hear in a high school marching band or some geeky anthem. It is an absolute blast and easily one of my favourite tracks on the album.

     Kid Icarus isn't the only album that got the goofy anthem treatment. Their Zelda II: Adventures of Link Medley is also a delightfully catchy tune. It is rare to see Zelda II get any treatment considering it's black sheep status to most fans of the series, though that “honour” may have been bestowed on Twilight Princess.

     Giving the entire album a full listen to, you can tell the group had alot of fun making this soundtrack. The music is fun to listen to and is quite catchy. The only downside I feel is that the Excitebike songs should have been compiled into one singular track instead leaving it in bits and pieces. However I don't know why they kept it like that.

     All in all, this album is worth the 7 dollars. The band does more then the typical Megaman/Final Fantasy/Super Mario remixes. They change things up and keep it fresh. If you are interested, visit their bandcamp site and check out their other albums.

     On Friday, I grab my shotgonne and throw a monkey wrench into the plans of a wayward Alchemist. This is Daimo mac and I am lost in the music.

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