Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Crowning Music of Awesome: To Dear Friends by katethegreat19

     How often have I admitted my love for Chrono Trigger? Far too often to count that is for certain but I can't help it, Chrono Trigger is one of the finest stories crafted for the Super Nintendo. The music from the game is still top notch and still better then several of the big game titles these days. However I could be wrong and it could just be me looking at the game from rose tinted glasses.

     Going through my extensive playlist for Chrono Trigger, I came across a cover performed by katethegreat19 and forgot that I had it. Upon listening to it again, it made me realize just why I love this game. Her rendition of To Dear Friends is a wonderful companion piece to the Chrono Symphonic version of To Far Away Times. It works this song, all things considered is a farewell letter from Crono to his time displaced friends knowing that although they will not see each other again, they will still be together in their hearts. It is cheesy, but it works at the right level that you can forgive it.

     So what makes this version of the song stand out above the original? It is the lyrics that had been added to the song. If you recall earlier in the year I was appreciative of songs that added fan lyrics, but was still incredibly apprehensive. However that has gone the wayside and I have fully embraced fan lyrics, for good or bad.

     Why is To Dear Friends and example Crowning Music of Awesome? It evokes emotion like all good songs should. It can be glee, sorrow or anger, but a song should evoke some emotional response from the listener. To Dear Friends does just that. It makes you feel the singer (obviously Crono though it could be Marle or less likely Lucca) sadness as their friends go home after the battle. All is not lost thought as they will still have a memory and love for their comrades that will span the ages. Is it cheesy? Yeah it is, but as I said, sometimes cheesiness is a good thing.

     To Dear Friends also works on a more personal level for the listener as you too will find yourself thinking about friends and loved ones that have slipped away. Friends that have moved away and you fell out of touch or loved ones who decided it was over and moved. This song makes you remember those good times.

     Katethegreat19 is one of my favourite vocalists in the remix community. As I have touched upon before, she has an amazing talent of putting lyrics to song that normally shouldn't have them. If you are apprehensive of listening to fan lyrics, give her stuff a listen to. You can find most of her fanmixes on her Youtube or check out her original work on her website.

     Next week, it is time to suit up and take the fight to Wily. Will I have allies to back me up or will I fight alone.

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