Thursday, 18 October 2012

5 Bucks to Burn: Super Smash Land + Hidden Tracks by Inverse Phase & flashygoodness

5 Bucks to Burn

This is a series dedicated to Indie Game Music whose albums are good but don't get enough recognition to mainstream gamers. Why not put this with a Lost in the Music? Some albums, while very good, are sadly too short to warrant a full article.

However these albums are good and deserve a mention. The people behind these albums are incredibly talented and they deserve to be recognized. Five Bucks to Burn will showcase these artists.

Super Smash Land + SSML: The Hidden Tracks

Let's talk about demakes. As you can guess a demake is where you take an existing property and downgrade it. On the internet there are plenty of artists who will demake tracks and while some are good the others are, less said the better.

Music isn't the only thing that gets de-made these days. There are also games that get demade such Gang Garrison (Team Fortress 2) and Corner's Shinny (Mirrors Edge) and from what I have played, they are incredibly fun and a great way to divert your time for 5 minutes. So today I will be focusing on the music from Super Smash Land from both Inverse Phase and flashygoodness.

Demaking a song can be tricky work. It takes some effort to make it sound retro and not making it sound as if you just added midi files to the tracks and Inverse Phase and flashygoodness did a fantastic job on it. My two favourite tracks from this is both Saffron Chippy from Inverse Phase and Clock Town (Ocarina of Time Medley) from flashygoodness. The former has me think back to playing the original Pokemon Blue for the first time while the Ocarina of Time Medley is a chip tune send up to one of my favourite tracks from Super Smash Brawl.

Both artists are masters of their craft and utilize chiptunes to their full extent. You can hear the time and effort they have put into making these tracks. If you are interested, be sure to visit the Super Smash Land site.

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.


     Also of note, my friend Jack Leizar from Space Monkey Mafia Studio's is doing an Extra Life For Charity fundraiser and needs donations. So I am offering this, who ever matches my donation of 25 dollars will receive custom sprite work from me as well as their choice of a musical write up to be featured on a Monday article.

     I know there are countless charity streams going on this weekend so even if you can't help, spread the word to those who can. You can find Jack's site here

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