Tuesday, 23 October 2012

5 Bucks to Burn: The Megas ~ You Sparked a War

5 Bucks to Burn

This is a series dedicated to Indie Game Music whose albums are good but don't get enough recognition to mainstream gamers. Why not put this with a Lost in the Music? Some albums, while very good, are sadly too short to warrant a full article.

However these albums are good and deserve a mention. The people behind these albums are incredibly talented and they deserve to be recognized. Five Bucks to Burn will showcase these artists.

You Sparked a War: The Megas

If Get Equipped was the Megas serious album, then You Sparked a War is their silly, goofy random 5 song album you pick up on a whim. Of the 5 songs on the album 2 of them are covers of the first song, one an acoustic song the other being an instrumental track,, while the other 2 are covers of the original Megaman cartoon (super fighting robot) and a cover of Sunglasses at Night.

Of the small selection of songs on here, I think I appreciate Lights Out the most because it is an instrumental song and I have a soft spot for instrumentals. However Sunglasses at Night is also a decent song and while it is a cover of a Corey Hart song, it could also be considered an allusion to Protoman given his glasses wearing nature. Sparked the War is a good song, but it came across as a bit too dark for me.

I can't really say too much about this album. It is only a dollar a song, but when 3 songs are the same, only done in different formats, it does feel a but like a rip off. Don't get me wrong their instrumental work is fantastic and the songs are catchy as hell, it just doesn't feel like it is worth the 5 bucks. If you want the album to complete the collection that is fine, but if you are just a casual fan, you might feel a bit burnt. If you are interested, you can purchase The Megas discography on their site or bandcamp.

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