Thursday, 11 October 2012

5 Bucks to Burn: Cat-Astro-Phi by Disasterpeace


     This is a series dedicated to Indie Game Music whose albums are good but don't get enough recognition to mainstream gamers. Why not put this with a Lost in the Music? Some albums, while very good, are sadly too short to warrant a full article.

     However these albums are good and deserve a mention. The people behind these albums are incredibly talented and they deserve to be recognized. Five Bucks to Burn will showcase these artists.

     What does it take to make a retro game and using chiptunes without making it obnoxious. For several artists, it is an all to common trap they fall into. Just having a tune make a beep and boop does not mean you are making the song feel retro. Luckily Disasterpeace averts disaster (pardon the joke) with is work on the cleverly old school Cat-Astro-Phi.

     Disasterpeace did chiptunes right when he crafted the soundtrack for the flashgame Cat-Astro-Phi. It is reminiscent of old Gameboy tunes like Solar Striker and Metroid II as well as a few others, and coupled with the gameplay of the game, Cat-Astro-Phi would feel right at home on the Gameboy.

     Cat-Astro-Phi's soundtrack is full of retro narm that you can't help but smile at it. Listening to the music takes you back to those simpler times when you would be squished in the back seat of the car with your kid brother and going on a long road trip. It is sad that Cat-Astro-Phi came out a couple of years ago because I feel that this game, as I just said, would be right at home on gameboy.

Cat-Astro-Phi is a great way to kill a coffee break and if you are fond of good chiptunes then you should grab the soundtrack. For the price of a cup of coffee, you can't go wrong. You can play the game over at Newgrounds and buy the soundtrack on Disasterpeace's bandcamp site.

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