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Lost in the Music ~ DKC2: Serious Monkey Business

Welcome me hearties to Lost in the Music, Kremling edition, celebrating International Talk like a Pirate day. Today I, the illustrious and ever bad Kaptain K. Rool, will be discussing the most despicable, scurviest crew to sail the seven seas since the days of Bikke. Why we are so bad, that we stealt them banana's from that blasted Kong Family. Granted that angered Donkey Kong and proceeded to hand my tail to me. But now we have him captured and there is no way we can be stopped. What'll happen? His miserable little little nephew will team up with his girlfriend and stop us? Ha if that happens I'll eat my own hat. So let's hoist anchor, grab ourselves some rum and set sail for Crocodile Isle.


     While I was on that accursed Kong Island, I came across a musical album done by some blokes over at OCRemiX. They had the scurvy nerve to do a classical album based on that tie wearing good for nothing ape. So I did what any good Kremling would do, I shanghaied them buggers, and keelhauled them until they “agreed” to do an album based on the Kremling Krew.

     I have to give credit to Project Director Geoffrey Taucer and Wesley Cho who spearheaded this project. Taking the already great work of David Wise, who also worked on this album as a track contributor, and getting a bunch of their friends and colleagues to make their own version of these great songs surely was no easy task. But they did us scurvy Krem's proud. I do appreciate this album but there are 5 songs that truly capture the spirit of being a member of my krew.

5: Re-Skewed ~ David Wise feat. Grant Kirkhope and Robin Beanland

The original Krew.
     I know what you are thinking. Kaptain K.Rool, you ruggedly handsome, grandious, kind and nurturing, swashbuckling example of a Krem, how could you place David Wise's piece at the bottom of your list. Well, maties, the simple fact is that t'would not be fair if I placed David Wise at the top o' the list. So after listening through the album more then what is considered healthy, I have decided that this song, while good, is not worth the top spot. Again this is my own opinion, and the opinion of my krew, who under threat of cannonball, agree with me.

     Mr Wise took the original, very primal sounding Donkey Kong Rescued (wait what!?) and turned it into something you would hear from some glam metal band from the 80's. I am not one to judge of course as back in the 80's I myself was a member of the glorious glam band named K.R.E.W, along side Wily, Robotnik and Emperor Mateus. The guitar work is an excellent touch and it make the song new and refreshed.

4: Dance of the Zinger ~ virt

     Another 80's style classic. Yar I do indeed miss that decade. Dance of the Zinger seems encapsulate every cliche of 80's movies which warms my cold krem heart. I love the usage of Synth sounds and techno beats as it makes the song feel like it is from a cop show set in the 80's. virt has done a wonderful job on this song. Much like King Zing, the song is very energetic and makes you get out of the way. Almost as if you are a small parrot being chased by a giant Zinger.

     This track is a great little beat. I do say the arrrtist did a fantastic job of this track. It keeps the spirit of the original, yet it feels wholly original.

3: Us Monkeys Together ~ Flickerfall (diotrans, Palpable)

     Beneath this tough manly hide of a Krem beats the heart of a softy. While I take great enjoyment from heavy beats and dynamic, bombastic sounds, there are occasions in which I enjoy much more mellow, more relaxed songs. Like a fine wine after a hard day of keelhauling and cannonballing. The duo Flickerfall, made up of diotrans and Palpable do a splendid job of In a Snowbound Land. It makes you feel completely relaxed and able to take your mind off the days work. Granted the lyrics are in Japanese so I don't know what they are saying, but I guess that is what adds to the mystique.

2: Trapped in the Minds ~ Geoffrey Taucer, Jose the Bronx Rican, Hale Bopp

     When I discovered the trio's collaboration on Kannon's Klaim, I took a listen to it and was livid. How dare they turn this track into some sort rap soundtrack. However, before I could cannonball them blighters, Kannon had me actually listen to the track. After cannonballing Kannon for insubordination, I gave the song a second chance, and much to my delight, I actually enjoyed this mix. The three put their talents to the test and the result is a pretty solid track.

     With Jose the Bronx Rican providing the lyrics and initial rapping while Hale Bopp has backup vocals, the two of them are quite harmonious. On the guitars is Geoffery Taucer providing a solid sound. This is a good song, however it is second only to the next one.

1: Rare Respite ~ Patrick Burns

     Any pirate worth its salt that nothing beats a good sea shanty. From the Pirates of the Caribbean (where?) to The Muppet's Treasure Island (who?), they all have a song that announces it is going on an adventure and will become king of the pirates, and Patrick Burns rendition of Jib Jig does just that. Mixing the sound of a piano, and flute work, Burns set's the mood for adventure.

     I already loved David Wise's original track, but dare I say that this track is leagues better. While I do miss the percussion beat as well as the sound of the wind and rain, I find the song a bit too fast for my taste. Sometimes it is indeed better for a slow song, to relax after the latest ransacking.


     Them blighters over at OCRemiX did a good job on this album. They took a classic soundtrack and made it better, which is what they do best. This is a good solid album and because I am feeling like a generous and kind Krem, I'll even show ye how t'get the album. Ye can find it here on their website.

     Now if you'll excuse me, it appears I have a couple of very angry kongs barrelling (heh, that's kind of funny) down at me. So next time, this is the ever glorious Kaptain K.Rool saying I am lost at sea.

     Special thanks goes to Cross for doing the Original K.R.E.W picture. Look him up on Deviant Art and buy a commission from him.

     I wonder how ketchup tastes on a tricone?

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