Thursday, 23 August 2012

Lost in the Music with Space Monkey Mafia

     So I bet you are wondering what is going on with Lost in the Music. I know I promised August, I would be back to work, but as you know life likes throwing a monkey wrench into my plans. The good news is that I have the infinite monkeys working diligently at their infinite typewriters to produce the next article. The bad news is that in all the Lost in the Music, they have been sending a secret code to their masters in deep space.

     That is correct. Lost in the Music is now on Space Monkey Mafia and I for one welcome my new simian overlords. I will still be maintaining Lost in the Music here on the blog, but I will be cross posting everything. All my older works (save for the PAX East work) will be posted on the Space Monkey Mafia site during my lulls.

     Space Monkey Mafia is more then a site for my stuff. You can check out several other good video's and articles such as The Irritated Film Critic, History Hardon, Wreckless Eating, and much much more. You can find the site here.

     Thank you my dear readers for staying with me through these times. This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

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