Monday, 21 May 2012

Lost in the Music: Healthy Listening

Hey guys, Mac here giving you a heads up for June. I will be collaborating with the fine folks over at 1up Your Life. I will be discussing the benefits of music, how it can motivate someone into losing weight, or help battle depression. What is 1up Your Life, well I'll let Mr Dustin VanCour, administrator for the site say it in his own words.

"The Goal of 1Up Your Life, is to create a community where nerds, geeks, or anyone who is looking to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, to come together and express thoughts and ideas on how you can gain more personal XP, Level yourself up, and become a more epic YOU!" Dustin VanCour

Hope to see you in June. I'm Daimo Mac and I am Lost in the Music.

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