Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Mac at PAX East: The Beginning

     I know last week I promised an article on Erutan , but I forgot I was going to PAX (how does one forget that) so I have to put it off a week. Sorry about that. it will be up next week though.

     PAXEast was a fantastic ride and while I am glad to be hom, especially after spending 17+ Hours in one Airport or another, I am sad it ended. I met some great new friends, met my idols over at OCRemiX who are the greatest guys and attended front row at the Omegathon, where Jerry Holkins (aka Tycho) actually used one of my jokes.

     However aside from the great games on the exhibition floor, the real treat was the concerts which I sadly couldn't make it due to one reason or another. But I was able to procure some awesome soundtracks and so for your audio pleasure, starting tonight, until Friday I will be doing the Mac at PAXEast Audio Dump. One article a day, discussing the following bands, Nerdcore Star K-Murdock and his album Hero Muzik, a Final Fantasy 6 album, Metroid Metal, Video Game Orchestra, and both Act's I and II of the Protomen Rock Opera.

     So stay tuned till tonight. Until then I am Daimo Mac and I am Lost in the Music.

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